How To Get Numbers For Cold Calling

numbers for cold calling

Cold-calling is one of the most cost-effective and direct ways to generate an ROI for your marketing campaign. In fact, this is the only way many companies get any leads at all. This article will explain how you can get numbers for cold calling. For how to convert those leads into sales read our article here.

Ask around your personal network to get numbers for cold calling

Asking around in your network, also known as “networking,” is a process of contacting people who you know or might know. You can use this to find potential recruits and relevant organizations to work with. But cold calling can’t be 100% successful; it involves a little bit of luck for the right person to call you just when you need them

Leverage a service

There are currently third party options out there like Triggr which aim to help in collecting numbers for cold calling. The added function of a chrome extension makes it even easier.

Make the most of email signatures

If you have a large published email newsletter, then you can get a lot of information from the contributors. Emails that are sourced directly from your website will always be more easily obtainable or findable than emails from mass-marketed publications, which means your company isn’t as likely to get hit for spamming. If you find contact details for an individual in an email signature, add them to your marketing database. You can just highlight and copy the link that contains their full name and email address. From there you can copy and paste that information into any call list platform or CRM management system. After everyone’s cell phone is filled out on your database go through all emails in every list you’ve gathered and do a quick search for their full names in any case where it wasn’t included.

Utilise company switchboards

A lot of times a company will withhold certain vital information from a cold call, or they’ll only just give you the email address but not the phone number. If this is the case, try using their internal directory service or switchboard line. This is an automated service that allows you to get automatic transfer to any phone number in their organization once you have keyed in certain parameters inside your calling plan menu prior to making the call.

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