How to find an email address quickly

find an email address

You have met someone and know their name, but can not contact them. It can be hard to find an email address quickly. There are several strategies you can adopt to solve this issue.

Ways to find an email address

Use existing email address search tools

Firstly, there are many email search tools that can help as they pull data from many sources on the web. These tools are the most effective at finding contacts and thus your best option when looking to act quickly. Often, they may cost money but often have free trials and plans.

The top ones to use are listed below:

  • Triggr – Triggr is the ultimate tool for B2B sales people looking to be the first to act. They have recently launched a completely free plan for you to get contact details immediately. With this plan, you can access their chrome extension and dial credits monthly to reach contacts you need.
  • Find that lead – A tool that can help you find email addresses and contact details. It will also assess the accuracy of emails found.
  • – Hunter lets you find professional email addresses and connect with the people that matter for your business. It does not search social media.

Use search engines

Search engines are one of the best places that most people start when they want to learn more information on a particular topic. Search queries are usually “loose” in the sense that individuals aren’t necessarily looking for a specific piece of information but rather want to explore as much information possible on a particular subject so that they can learn even more about it. However, you can help them along and be more specific in your search. Details you should include if possible include name, company and position.

Use social media

Often, many people will have details listed on social media. Given that people have to sign up with an email, they might be available to source from these sites. For example, on Facebook, you can find it via their basic contact information.

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