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Data Enrichment

Turn the internet into your own source of data to constantly enrich your CRM & develop a more accurate ideal customer profile.

Select A List, and Enrich

Select any list from your CRM, using Triggr’s Native CRM integrations, and we’ll verify and enrich your data. Simply click Push.

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Your Data, Your Rules

Simple Field Mapping and Rule Logic gives you the power of what data belongs where. Don’t override important fields, or only enrich empty fields.

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More than Email, Time to Ring

Most CRMs will have a contacts email. But the Inbox isn't always the best route to your buying committee. Enrich your CRM with Direct Dial Phone numbers for Reps and Account Managers to reach important Stakeholders when it counts

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Accurately Assign Territories

Leads slip through the cracks when important data is missing. Ensure locations, business size, and regions are logged on all accounts so each rep can work their full patch.

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Update Your Ideal Customer Profile

Traditionally when developing an ICP sales leaders focus on firmographic attributes of a business such as company size, revenue & industry as data points to describe what a perfect customer looks like however; with the growing volume of information available on potential prospects such as technology data, news mentions, hiring trends, financial performance data and much more businesses must take a much deeper look under the hood to uncover what is driving results within their sales function and realise that their ideal customer profile is constantly evolving and rather than relying on out-dated lacklustre methods take a data driven approach.

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Why Enrich Your Data?

Below are just a few reasons why you should be enriching your sales data.

Drive More Pipeline

The Rep That Adds Value First Wins 74% Of The Time. Being the first to act upon a Trigger event puts your team at a huge advantage over the competition in the sales process.

Avoid Data Entry

Incomplete or outdated data can be a nightmare for your team to update. Improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing team by allowing Triggr to automatically enrich and refresh data for your business.

Lead with Insight

94% of B2B decision makers are now seeking out sales teams that exhibit specific insights into their company's problems, your team needs to be equipped with the right data to make these insights

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