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Customer Role Changes

Drive More Pipeline Creation and Get Walked into Your Next Account

Identify when your champions change role

Your customers are your best source for new business. Familiar with the value you deliver, you can reduce your sales cycle, and follow your customers into new accounts at scale.

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Automate your qualification rules

Not every role change will qualify as a quality lead. Automatically qualify leads out of your funnel if the role change falls outside your Ideal Customer Profile.

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Operationalise your Followup

Hoping your team catches role changes in their social feed, and pass it on correctly doesn’t cut it. Feed these leads automatically into your CRM, so you can track follow ups, with custom cadences.

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Build Playbooks for your Team to Follow

Old Customers don’t need to hear the same pitch again. Focus more on discovery, and build the message that a loyal evangelist deserves.

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Accurate Lead Details, Directly in your CRM

Changing roles means changing contact details. Let Triggr track customers across companies and provide the new contact details.

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Why Monitor Role Changes?

Below are just a few reasons why you should be monitoring for role changes for your sales team

Drive More Pipeline

The Rep That Adds Value First Wins 74% Of The Time. Being the first to act upon a Trigger event puts your team at a huge advantage over the competition in the sales process.

Boost Win Rate

Executives spend 70% of their budget in their first 100 days. New executives will want to bring about positive changes within their organisation, this is the perfect time to reach out.

Constant Lead Source

3% of Senior Executives Changes role Month on Month if you have 1,000 customer advocates in market this is 30 new opportunities a month that could be passing your team by.

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