Buyer Persona and Ideal Customer Profiles: Differences

Buyer Persona and ideal customer differences

The concepts of buyer persona and ideal customer profiles are often confused, and for good reason. They are very similar, and sometimes used interchangeably. A better understanding of their similarities and differences is the key to understanding each one better.

Comparing Buyer Persona and Ideal Customer Profiles

What is an ideal customer profile?

Wish you could know who your ideal customer is? Firstly, you must first define what it means to be ideal by making an ideal customer profile. An ideal customer profile is a detailed description of a person or company that reflects your perfect client. This works as a benchmark for all of the qualities you expect your ideal clients to have. This then allows you to choose your target market. You can find current client lookalikes using Triggr.

Secondly, this is not just about identifying how much money would be a good target client. It is more about the way they view the world in order to know what motivates them and how they interact with the products. Your ideal client’s background will be defined by what social strata they belong to. It will include factors such as if they are introverts or extroverts, their education level and interests.

What is a buyer persona?

Good content marketers know what their ideal customer looks like. They have a picture in their heads of who they are selling to and what type of product that person would be interested in. It is not enough to say “I want to reach people who have problems with X.”. You need data about your buyer persona because you’re better able to write copy, design graphics, and create appealing ad campaigns. Ideally, you will make a document that lists the demographics, psychographics, buying traits and the media channels that person uses most. Once you know your target market inside out, it is easier for your business to tailor their product or service offerings towards that niche demographic so they will get more return on their marketing.

Make sure not to get buyer Persona and ideal customer profiles confused next time.


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