Conversational Marketing: How to use it effectively

conversational marketing

In the past year, conversational marketing has become one of the most disruptive trends. It is focused in the digital marketing industry. But what is conversational marketing?

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a new approach to marketing that is all about interacting with customers in conversation. This is as opposed to through crafted content. Clients are filled with ad messages from an early age today. When they are not spoken to through television and radio ads, they have access to online and social media adverts. Through all of these mediums, companies try to speak directly to clients and push their products onto them. But as good as their intentions might be, there’s a chance that this might actually be doing more harm than good.

Clients can become annoyed by marketers who are too pushy for their own good. With conversational marketing, the idea is that you speak with clients like you would in person rather than shouting down at them from a digital megaphone. This approach will ensure engagement because it feels more ‘real’ when it comes. It engages the use of more real time functions, improving the path to purchase.

How do I use conversational marketing?

1. Improve website features

Firstly, conversational marketing can improve features on your website. It can provide a tailored way to interact with the client that entices them to stay longer. Improvements can be made on features such as calls to action, tours and product demos. Chatbot is not the limitation of improvement. It extends to the use of live chat and live audio. These tools will assist in giving the client more relevant options to engage with. By engaging with the client at the right time, it will improve on how smooth their purchase journey is.  Further, when given more relevant content, this will help improve SEO and general engagement on your website.

2. Use data for more personalisation

Use the feedback that your clients are giving you and act to address their issues. By noting issues such as technical or information gaps, you will be able to improve your content. This will then feed back to improving your website features.

Benefits of conversational marketing

1. Improves client experience

Clients have noted that conversational marketing improves ease of use. This includes them being able to find answers more quickly. An example of this is the use of chatbot to deliver information faster.

2. Direct conversion

Having these real time conversations will result in a high amount of direct conversion. Being able to respond real time directly to tackle issues is valuable. You can leverage this through a live chat function.

Next steps

Finally, it is important to look to integrate these features as soon as possible. This is because clients continue to expect more of businesses. If you are looking for which prospects to engage with, you can use Triggr to create a list.

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