Choosing the right sales intelligence platform is critical to your company’s success. This page compares Zoominfo and Triggr, two of the top-rated platforms for a reason: they both have some great features that can help you make more informed decisions about which one would be best suited toward what needs you need fulfilled by way of information!

πŸ’‘ Fun Fact:

Prospecting is one of the most crucial roles in a B2B sales team. Despite this, prospecting is a frequently cited source of suffering among salespeople, with over 50% of their time spent on unproductive prospecting owing to bad contact data, incorrect prospects, poor timeliness, and research inefficiencies.

In today’s digital world, nothing can be taken lightly. Every interaction counts and every message should target the right person at just the right moment for maximum effect! The salesperson must know how to think like their client in order get results. Your job as a salesperson is to find clients that need your services as soon as possible. This means something has happened or is happening in their lives – they may be moving, merging with another company or there could even just been an investor meeting where new funds were announced! You need to look for those who need these services and do whatever you can to secure their business.Β You need to look for opportunities so when these events take place we can put our products/services right into them by triggering purchases through triggers like this one.

Trigger event selling is a critical part of any sales teams strategy. Reaching out to appropriately motivated decision-makers before your competition does increase your odds of making the sale up to 74% – Craig Elias.

Triggers are important to a business because they can create a new direction for the company. Salespeople need not only react when presented with these opportunities but also provide an environment where discussions involving trigger events take place and give them better chance at closing deals with clients.

The two leading tools for sales intelligence, Triggr and Zoominfo are both excellent in their own ways. They provide verified emails as well as direct-dial phone numbers to assist with outreach methods; however there is a key difference between the solutions. With Triggr, you can use the tool to build out your Trigger Event so that when company or person changes occur an alert will be triggered. This allows your sales people to stay on top of changes to be the first to sell! You could also create tailored Trigger events around Technology Usage, Fundraising Rounds, News Releases – just think how much more informed decisions would feel if we had access to all these pieces?


🀷 Why people choose Triggr over Zoominfo.


πŸ”” Triggr Events – Trigger events are a critically important part of any sales process because they help us stay on top. Triggr’s tools can be used to identify when our prospects need assistance and we should take them up with a quick sale! Triggering these “buy signals” will not only assist in prospecting for new clients but personalizing outreach efforts as well; it also allows businesses an edge over their competition by being able-to see what might happen before someone else does – which could make all the difference between winning or losing business from that customer at this very moment.

Triggering these events will help you to prospect for new clients, and personalize outreach efforts. They also allow businesses the opportunity at capturing more business!


πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ Real-time data – Triggr’s data is updated constantly, giving the most accurate and up-to date information. This allows your sales staff as well as customers to stay informed about events happening in their industry or company that could affect them like tech installs, job listings changes etc
A great way Triggr does this? By continuously browsing through all pages on websites looking for real time updates which will allow you be notified of those things when they happen. So, there is no need for alarm bells going off inside one’s head wondering why someone hasn’t contacted them yet regarding this new development!


πŸ“ŠΒ More Data Points – Triggr is the missing link for businesses and individuals who want to be found. It has more filters than Zoominfo, making it easy to correctly categorize data so you know which companies will most likely benefit from your product or service before investing time into them with confidence!

Triggr is a revolutionary way to engage and connect with your customers. With Triggr, you can be sure that salespeople will have the right contacts at their fingertips when it matters most – making for more successful customer engagements than ever before. Triggr accomplishes this by benchmarking client data against public web trends to produce accurate predictions on where salespeople should focus their efforts.Β 

After, Triggr automatically adds context to your sales reps’ discussions by assisting them in understanding why a data change is significant and proposes templates for outreach across Linkedin, Email or Phone based on the detected changes.


🎯 Data Accuracy – Triggr specializes in delivering targeted, correct and timely business information to salespeople. They gather information from numerous sources and crosscheck it all for relevance so you can be confident about what we deliver! Our priority when updating our database or adding new listings on the site? Data accuracy and database cleanliness.Β 



πŸ’Ό Best Jobs Data – Triggr has scoured the public internet to gather every job posting published in the last three years, allowing your sales team members time on their hands and eyesight for prospecting. With Triggr’s data collection service they can target accounts based off of real live role descriptions which will increase revenue as a leader!

Your company can use Triggr’s data to create targeted headhunting lists based on the criteria that you choose. The recruiter may also set up alerts for relevant job postings, which will make their customer base grow and provide more candidate placements!


⚑ Integrations – Triggr is an enhanced sales intelligence tool. ItΒ  has one-click integration with your favourite platforms, CRMs and other systems so you can get answers wherever the information is needed about what’s happening in any channel or leg of business!

The Triggr integration with Slack is a highly valuable tool for integrating live alerts into our daily workflow. With this neat little feature, we can easily receive any alert without compromising the comforts of how and when they want us to have them delivered – perfect if you work in an office environment where everyone needs quick communication!


πŸ”Ž Lookalikes – What are you waiting for? Tap into the power of a perfect customer profile with Triggr’s Lookalike tool. Build your own firmographic and technographic profiles, then benchmark it against our database to find out who else might be looking just like one or more of your best clients.Β 

When used correctly, technographics and firmographics can give a great basis for future sales decisions. The key to using this information effectively is knowing when and where you should look at these things as well as which data has more relevance than others in order make sounder recommendations or predictions about what will happen next based off your current market position.


πŸ™ Free Trial –Triggr offers a free no credit card trial that has access to all of the features the platform provides including the Triggr event tool.

πŸŽ“ Pro Tip:

One of the most powerful Trigger events that a sales rep can focus on is following their clients into new accounts. The average role change in senior decision-maker roles is around 3% month on month this means that if your organization has 1,000 accounts and an average of 5 client evangelists in those accounts, that’s around 150 role changes happening monthly that are all fantastic leads that you’re currently missing. View our Triggr event calculator to see how many monthly qualified leads our Triggr event tool can bring your business.

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