The right sales intelligence platform is essential to your company’s success; VP Sales, Sales Directors, Sales Managers, SDRs, BDRs, and BDMAs have more alternatives than ever when it comes to sales intelligence tools to power their teams. This page compares Lead411 and Zoominfo, two of the most popular solutions.

💡 Fun Fact:

Prospecting is an essential function in a B2B sales team. Despite this, prospecting is frequently cited as a source of pain for salespeople, accounting for over 50% of their time spent on unproductive prospecting owing to bad contact data, incorrect prospects, and delays in timeliness.


ZoomInfo’s most distinctive feature is its search functionality. Users will be able to discover the data they need more quickly thanks to this feature, which includes data segmentation and filtering tools as well. This search tool is improved with data segmentation and filtration capabilities. ZoomInfo supports a variety of CRM software connections. You can use ZoomInfo to figure out what subjects are currently popular in your field, evaluate the link between advertisements and site visits, and see which content your target audience would be interested in. There are a few things that differentiate Lead411 from the competition. One of them is the ability to restrict your search to email addresses that have been verified. For example, you may narrow down your search to contacts who received an email address verification within the last month, three months, a year, or more. The B2B lead database allows you to filter by industry and geography, as well as refine your search based on a variety of terms. The available search criteria is another feature that goes above and beyond some of the other B2B lead databases accessible. You may search for businesses that have just received financing, have announced new hires, or even by the software or hardware they’re utilizing. Lead411 also integrates with many different CRM.


ZoomInfo’s costs range from $10,000 per month for basic plans to a maximum of $20 million annually. It is essential to remember that it comes with a contract and a minimum number of seats. Lead411’s basic plan starts from $75/month, with customised plans for enterprise clients.

Data Quality

Sales and marketing executives criticized the ZoomInfo data collected in 2020 and 2021 as low-quality and bounce rates during hundreds of research discussions conducted over the previous two years. Some people informed us that Bounce rates ranged from 20 to 50 percent, depending on their target audience. According to its creator, Zoominfo has a precision of 95%. The data quality of Lead411 better than Zoominfo, particularly regarding company data.

Contact Information

The ZoomInfo database is one of the most comprehensive commercially available and is hard to target certain niches for marketing initiatives. The capability to search for contact and business information by real street address is still lacking in Lead411. This is quite useful when attempting to expand your own name and brand recognition in a specific neighborhood. It’s also a method of preventing other salespeople from stepping on one another’s toes or duplicating efforts.


Reviewers preferred Lead411’s ease of use, setup, and administration over ZoomInfo’s. Overall, our testers appreciated working with Lead411 more than ZoomInfo. Reviewers thought that Lead411 better meets the demands of their business than ZoomInfo does. When it came to the quality of ongoing product support, our testers felt that Lead411 was superior. Our reviewers liked the way that Lead411 handled feature upgrades and roadmaps better than ZoomInfo.

While both platforms are helpful sales intelligence tools, they both lack the ability to build out tailored real time alerts that can help give your sales team an edge. With Triggr, you can use the tool to build out Trigger Events so that when company or people changes occur an alert will be triggered – this allows you stay on top of changes, so that your sales team can be the first to act! You can create Trigger events on the back of people or company changes in Technology Usage, Fundraising Rounds, News Mentions Role Changes, Live Job Posts and Mergers & Acquisitions.

🤷 Why people choose Triggr over Lead411 and Zoominfo.


🔔 Triggr Events – In a fiercely competitive market, it’s critical that you include trigger events in your sales process to maintain the upper hand and deliver your pitch at just the right moment. Triggr has tools for building these “buy-signals” which can be thought of as an opportunity that tells us when our prospects need help with something – whether or not they are actively on their way towards buying from us! Trigger event selling is the ability to foresee these events. 

Triggering these events will assist with prospecting for new clients, and personalizing outreach efforts; they also allow businesses an opportunity at capturing more business!


🏃‍♂️ Real-time data –Triggr’s data is updated constantly, giving the most accurate and up-to date information. This allows your sales staff as well as customers to stay informed about events happening in their industry or company that could affect them such like tech installs, job listings changes etc

Triggr continuously browses through all pages on websites looking for real time updates which will allow you be notified of those things when they happen so there is no need for alarm bells going off inside one’s head wondering why someone hasn’t contacted them yet regarding this new development.


📊 More Data Points –Triggr is the missing link for businesses and individuals who want to be found. It has more filters than Lead411 and Zoominfo, making it easy to correctly categorize data so you know which companies and individuals would most likely benefit from your product or service before investing time into them. 

Triggr helps to get your team immediately sent the right contacts to talk with at the proper time and in the correct situation to get results. Triggr accomplishes this by benchmarking client data against public web trends to produce accurate predictions on where salespeople should focus their efforts. 

After, Triggr automatically adds context to your sales reps’ discussions by assisting them in understanding why a data change is significant and proposing a template for outreach across Linkedin, Email, and Phone based on the detected data change.


🎯 Data Accuracy –Triggr is always creating and updating a database that delivers targeted, correct, and timely business data to B2B Salespeople. Triggr gathers information from numerous sources and cross-checks and updates it to guarantee relevance. Data accuracy and database cleanliness are priorities for Triggr.



💼 Best Jobs Data – Triggr has scoured the public internet to gather every job posting published in the past three years, allowing your sales team to track patterns and spot possibilities, target accounts based on their real live job roles, discover rich insights for prospecting, and ultimately increase revenue as a sales leader.

Recruiters may utilize Triggr data to create highly targeted headhunting lists based on time in role, expertise, location, job titles, and other criteria; they may also set up alerts for relevant job postings to grow their customer base and make more candidate placements.


Integrations –Triggr has a one-click integration into many of your favourite platforms and CRMs. This means that you can access and use the real-time sales intelligence data generated by Triggr in order for it to give insight on what’s happening with different channels, locations or legs altogether at once. So, no matter where someone needs information about the business there will always be an answer!

One of the most valuable integrations, is Triggr’s integration with Slack. Triggr integrates with Slack to allow you to easily receive any alert. This integration is perfect for when your company needs quick and easy communication, as well as improving the way we work together by integrating live alerts into our daily workflow!



🔎 Lookalikes –Triggr has a lookalike tool that enables you to build a firmographic and technographic profile of what an ideal customer looks like using your CRM data and benchmark this against the Triggr database to find more clients that look similar to your best customers.

Using technographic and firmographic data together allows you to get a much more complete picture of the market as a whole, as well as your own unique position within that market. When used correctly, technographics and firmographics can give a great basis for future sales decisions.


🙏 Free Trial –Triggr offers a free no credit card trial that has access to all of the features the platform provides including the Triggr event tool.

🎓 Pro Tip:

A great Trigger event to monitor is hiring surges within a particular department. For example if you’re selling a product focused at B2B sales teams you can monitor for hiring surges within a companies sales teams to know when they will need new products or services to support the growth.

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