Triggr - Trusted Data for B2B Sales, Marketing and Recruiting

Your trusted source for accurate and affordable data.

Great data means good business. Except when you're spending more time searching for reliable data than connecting with the people and organisations your business needs to thrive.

With Triggr, you can find fresh and accurate data on your ideal customers in less than five minutes. Use our vetted database to pull detailed information based on their technologies, funding, employees, and even their interests to give you that extra competitive edge when closing a deal.

Thanks to our data-driven analytics and trusted insights, Triggr is the secret weapon for:

- Marketers who want to automate highly effective campaigns using fresh and accurate data.
- Salespeople searching for hot new leads to keep their sales pipeline full and spark meaningful conversations.
- Recruiters on the hunt for qualified candidates that are more than ready to talk.
- Entrepreneurs who need fresh and reliable top of funnel prospects to fuel their growth strategies.

Stop wasting time scrolling through spreadsheets and missing opportunities. Start using Triggr today for better data to automate your marketing campaigns, jump into worthwhile conversations and start closing more deals.
Find look-alike companies to your current clients, use our lead finder search interface to find the contact details of your ideal buyers & get notified when sales defined triggr events happen!
Triggr provides value for money and trusted data for your CRM or marketing automation platforms as you build and execute sales and marketing campaigns.
You need to find the right candidates who are both ideally qualified and open to changing roles, Triggr is purpose designed to allow recruiters to do just that.
Triggr provides a RESTFUL API service that will allow you to enrich your own application with trusted up to date information.

Meet Our Leadership Team

team member
Tom Rielly

Experienced sales professional, serial entrepreneur and widely regarded as one of the best B2B growth marketers in Australia

team member
Advisory Board Member
Tony Hughes

International keynote speaker, best selling author, leading professional selling educator, award-winning blogger and the most read LinkedIn Author globally on the topic of sales leadership.

team member
Advisory Board Member
Ben Heap

Co-founder of H2 Ventures, former Managing Director at UBS Global Asset Management.

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