B2B data types you can use to tailor your marketing

b2b data

There are many types of B2B data. The different types of data can work in your favour to target ideal prospects. Triggr is a platform that provides the below data in real time. This allows you to be the first to act, which saves you time and boosts your sales.

Demographic B2B Data

Firstly, demographic data is generally used to identify client trends, needs and wants. People usually group them according to common characteristics like age range, gender, income level or education. For B2B relevant data, you would be looking more towards factors such as email address, location, employment and skills.

Firmographic B2B Data

Secondly, another key form of data is what we call ‘firmographic’ or ‘industry type’ data. This can include details about a large number of businesses within an industry, such as sector size, number of companies and employees. This is valuable to know when looking for potential prospects.

Technographic Data

This is data regarding the type of technology of software a particular company uses, which you can use to segment prospects. Platforms such as Triggr have extensive technographic data, which you can access. This is in the form of their platform or chrome extension.

Sales Trigger Data

Sales trigger data is dynamic. This will include data such as changes in job roles, capital raising, IPO and hiring. All of these changes will help inform a sale. Triggr can give you real time alerts for when these occur, so that your sales team can be the first to act.

Intent Data

Finally, intent data is data that describes information showing a client’s intentions and preferences. This data is able to gauge their receptivity to certain products and services. You can read more about how intent data helps here and find more tools that you can improve your first party intent data collection (Leadfeeder and Terminus ABM).

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